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March 29-31, 2017 | LAX Hilton

Los Angeles, California


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Designed to help speakers, authors and experts increase their Influence, Credibility and Exposure


2017/03/29 07:30:00

Sneak Peak At David's Presentation

In Front Of Thousands!

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Would you make more MONEY if you were MORE INFLUENTIAL?

Would you make more MONEY if you were MORE CREDIBLE?

Would you make more MONEY if you had MORE EXPOSURE?

If you answered “YES” to three of these questions, then you are in the right place.  My name is David T. Fagan and our team at Icon Builder Media have redesigned and improved our signature event so that you can learn how to gain more INFLUENCE, become more CREDIBLE, and gain more EXPOSURE in order to hyper-grow  your business, brand, and platform. It’s all here at the ICON SUMMIT. We teach the things that you need to become an ICON in your industry.

I have put together the perfect combination of experts and personal content in order  to share with you the secrets that successful business leaders do to become ICONS in their industry…Do you want to learn what those secrets are?

I want to share them with you. I invite you to register to attend our best event yet…you will gain:

  • Access to world-class EXPERTS In branding, marketing, social media, business development, book creation, digital technology, and personal development.
  • Best-in-class branding, marketing, and pr STRATEGIES from our proven Icon Builder Media formulas.
  • Networking and CONNECTIONS to joint venture and referral partners.

I invite you to challenge yourself to do what it takes to become an ICON in YOUR industry…and part of what it takes is learning from the best resources you can find.

At Icon Builder Media we have a strong belief that being an ICON in your industry will best separate you from the competition! We have an award winning track record with proven formulas designed to raise a person or products ICON status.

Come join us at our signature event- the ICON SUMMIT.  If you are SPEAKER, AUTHOR, EXPERT, COACH, TRAINER, OR ENTREPRENEUR and you are looking to become an ICON in your industry, we look forward to meeting you in March!

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David T. Fagan

 The “Icon Builder”, Former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing, Founder/CEO of Icon Builder Media

David T. Fagan is a columnist for the Beverly Hills Times Magazine and the host of the California Cable TV show, The Hollywood Entrepreneur.

He is also the former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing, which sold over 23 million books in 62 languages all over the world, as well as the former owner of LCO Communications, a Beverly Hills PR firm that has represented 58 Academy Award Winners, 34 Grammy Winners, and 43 New York Times Best Sellers.

David is regularly sought out by the media on entrepreneur education and cracking the icon code. He has recently been featured on Fox & Friends, the Today Show with Matt Lauer, The Washington Post, Forbes, Investor’s Business Daily, Your World with Neil Cavuto, Fox’s The Five, and What’s Happening Now. And most recently won the award for Entrepreneur Educator of the Year from Infusionsoft.

He is a best selling author and an International Speaker in places as far away as Bangladesh and Australia. He has shared the stage with everyone from Former Secretary of Defense Dr. Bob Gates to Mark Victor Hansen.

David’s company, Icon Builder Media, is based out of Southern California where he lives with his wife and his 8 children.

Marcello Thedford

Director, Producer, Actor, Digital Asset Expert and Celebrity Content Creator

A Leader in the Digital forefront for over 12 years. Mosaic made its way as a leader in Urban Home Video content and then later capitalized on new media through successful international e-commerce ventures. Later aquiring Oakmont Publishing in 2014, Mosaic started building of catalog of widely distributed publications through North and South America. In late 2015 Elite Public Relations was started to assist clients on monetizing in new areas of building viral celebrity traffic on social media.

Roger Salam

CEO of The Winners Circle

Roger is the chairman and founder of The Winner’s Circle, an invitation-only Mastermind Forum for top level business leaders, authors, speakers and thought-leaders. Roger has been recognized as a top leader, Mastermind facilitator and social entrepreneur through his charity and non-profit work.

Besides the Mastermind and Personal Development events, Roger also conducts Real Estate Investing seminars on a monthly basis all over the US & Canada. He & his partners specializes in Bank REO properties and purchases hundreds of foreclosed properties every month directly from the banks. His flagship service is creating turnkey portfolio of investment properties for other investors to produce long term residual income at 15 to 25% ROI.

In 1990, he joined the team of world-renowned author and inspirational speaker Anthony Robbins. He has delivered over 9700 professional talks to various corporations, non-profit organizations and educational institutions in North America, Europe and Asia.

As a pioneer in Internet Marketing, he joined a start-up venture Internet Pictures Corporation (iPIX) in 1998 and with a core team the company went to 2 billion in market cap during IPO in less than a year. He was responsible for three divisions and its sales and marketing efforts, strategic alliances, new business development and channel expansion involving $35 million in annual revenue for this B2B e-commerce imaging service provider.

He’s originally from Bangladesh and now resides in Tampa, Florida. He’s a graduate of UCLA. He’s got 3 lovely daughters and is most passionate about sharing knowledge and empowering people to reach higher levels of personal & business success!

Allison Larsen

Speaker, Author, & Keynote Speaker

Allison H. Larsen is an international speaker, mentor, TV host of the cable show Spotlight, author of the book Soul Intuition and Co-Founder of Family Foot Reflexology. She has experience as a certified fitness coach, Yoga instructor, and alternative health instructor.

As one of the world’s leading Intuition Experts, Allison inspires and transforms the lives of audiences and clients all over the world. Allison’s speaking abilities and coaching style is what makes her so powerful and valuable. She easily connects with audiences, and isn’t afraid to go deep with people and draw upon on life experiences and business expertise to drive the message home.

Allison attributes much of her success to what she calls “soul intuition”, which she uses to understand how to proceed forward on the path specifically for her. She helps those she teaches how to obtain the health, wealth and fulfillment by looking within to discover their divine blueprint for success.

Allison is happily married and the mother of four beautiful children. She understands the importance of family and balancing personal and professional aspects of life. When she isn’t flying around the world to speaking engagements, or coaching clients, she is spending her time with her family, going to kids’ sports games and other events.

Tyler J. Watson

Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur and Enrollment Mastery Coach

Tyler Watson is an enrollment coach. His mission is to help individuals learn to raise their personal value so that they can form the life, income, business, and relationships that they have always dreamt about but never knew how to create.

Tyler has the unique gift of helping find personal and professional roadblocks and reconnect people to themselves, their family, and their Higher Power, and as a result, his clients see a dramatic increase in personal happiness and income level. He specializes in teaching entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, and team leaders how to package their message, master the enrollment conversation, and engage high-paying clients – from $2k to $80k per customer. He recently played a key part in a two-week $1.35 million online launch with a worldwide audience.

An avid seeker of truth and new ways to help those he works with, Tyler is an expert in many healing modalities including Bio-tapping, dowsing, energy healing, muscle testing, Thai yoga, and body language reading. His clientele comes from all over the world, and include business owners, networkers, salespeople, speakers, professional performers and healthcare providers.

Outside of business, Tyler’s passions include sword fighting, racquetball, canoeing, ju-jitsu, serving in his church, and spending time reading with his wife and daughter.

Michael Marcial

Entrepreneur, Online Course Coach, International Speaker

Michael Marcial is a world-traveling entrepreneur, speaker, and Online Course Coach with a passion for helping others to succeed.

Over the last 12 years, Michael has been able to utilize his expertise in business and marketing strategy to help his clients start and grow very successful businesses and to date has brought in over $20M in revenue for them.

Over the past 3 years specifically, Michael has had an intense focus on the #1 game-changer he’s been able to introduce to his clients: Online Courses.

Michael’s mission is to impact 1,000,000 people this year by sharing his personal story as well as his entrepreneurial insights.

Michael’s greatest accomplishment in life: becoming a father to his amazing daughter, Alexis.

Wei Houng

Money Anxiety Breakthrough Coach, Master Practitioner & Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, and Master Practitioner of Mental & Emotional Release® Technique

Award-Winning Money Anxiety Breakthrough Coach, Trainer, Bestselling Author, and Speaker, Wei Houng, is a founding member of The 6 Figure Academy. He has spoken to and inspired thousands of Entrepreneurs to breakthrough their mental and emotional blocks around money and to re-engineer their Money Story resulting in a lifestyle of prosperity and abundance without the burn out.

Through his own personal journey in entrepreneurship of what seemed like never-ending peaks and valleys of successes and failures, he has spent the better part of the last two decades refining his Money Story Re-engineering System through a combination of his engineering studies at UCLA, Neuro-linguistics, Energetics, and Mental & Emotional Release Therapy as both a Trainer and Practitioner in all those areas.

From Start-ups to Celebrities, other Coaches & Consultants, and Technology Thought Leaders, Wei has helped thousands of entrepreneurs make an impact with their businesses to hit 6, 7, and 8 figure results.

Having over 20 years of experience in speaking to groups around the world, he has run workshop trainings in areas of personal and business development such as: “The Art of Selling Without Selling”, “Speaking With Purpose and Intent”, “Motivation 3.0”, “The Foundations of Money Mastery”, “Your Money Truth”, and “Re-engineering Destructive Money Stories”.

Wei believes that entrepreneurs are the problem solvers of the world and has made it his life mission to financially empower as many entrepreneurs as possible so that they can be instrumental in shaping the world we live in for the better.

Pete Vargas

Speaker, Author, Founder of Advance Your Reach

Responsible for he and his team booking over 25,000 stages worldwide, Pete has been educating speakers about how to book stages for over a decade. He has helped speakers, entrepreneurs, nonprofits and small business owners land speaking engagements and leverage the stage to grow their businesses. Pete has booked legendary speakers including Ryan Deiss, Nicholas Kusmich and Shark Tank’s Daymond John.

Pete believes that speaking is the most powerful marketing tool you have and the best way to build your business. Speaking provides a starting point for customers and partners to want to become more involved with your business and get behind the impact you’re making. With literally millions of stages in every niche, Pete has become the expert in how to identify which stages to go after, how to find them and how to win them.

Matt Brauning

Keynote Speaker, Author, CEO and Founder of Evolution Seminars

Matt Brauning, MNLP, Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming with expertise in the field of peak business performance.

He is a creative leadership development trainer with a strong emphasis on organizational management and organizational change when it comes to consulting with companies. Matt values the deep need for a dynamic corporate culture, and nurtures group dynamics through leadership, speaking, training, and one-on-one coaching. He has successfully owned 2 small companies, and consulted for companies like US Bank, The YMCA, New York Life, USC, and McAfee on leadership development and corporate culture. He is the most engaging, entertaining, and knowledgeable trainer/speaker you could ever have!

Matt lives in Orange County, California, with his loving wife Lola and his amazing son Valiant. He enjoys staying very active between speaking engagements and therapy sessions. You can find him constantly writing, cycling, mountain climbing, and practicing jiu-jitsu

Allison Shreeve

Leadership Coach, Speaker, World Champion Windsurfer

Allison Shreeve has engaged audiences from corporates, Harvard University, National Achievers Conference, Guerrilla Business School, Parliament house and many other events around the world. Her life as an elite athlete and winning 4 World Championship Titles in windsurfing to now global entrepreneur, speaker and trainer helping people build businesses out of their passions is a testament to her hard work ethic and never give up attitude.

  • 4 Time World Champion windsurfer
  • A Class World speed record holder
  • Australia’s Female sailor of the year
  • Ranked number 1 in the world in Formula windsurfing from 2004-2007
  • Competed at two pre-Olympic regattas and was ranked number 4 in the world in Olympic class
  • 2009 windsurfed 115 km across Bass Strait for a charity
  • Went from $37,000 in debt to owning a global online marketing company in less than 2 years
  • Generated millions of dollars in sales online
  • Her first transaction online was $10,000
  • Work with 10’s of thousands of clients and students globally to help them build businesses online through coaching, webinars, seminars, software and done for you services.
  • Successfully run over 200 social media and marketing seminars in 3 years
  • 100% of all attendees made money in all 5 years at the Global Traffic Summits (7 day seminar).
  • Successfully launched over 30 digital marketing products and services over 4 years.
  • Allison has been invited and spoken on stages with Brian Tracey, Anthony Robbins and Raymond Aaron to name a few.
  • Allison runs her business wherever she is around the world, as long as she has her laptop or phone she can keep her businesses going.

Tim Ralston

Inventor, Entrepreneur, Businessman, Media Personality

Traveling the globe and bringing new products to the scene through creative marketing has been a lifelong passion for Tim. His track record of success caught the eye of the QVC Network, which recruited Tim as a host and regular “pitch man”. By incorporating a very successful marketing and product development background, Tim founded E Image Marketing Agency with his “X” wife Marie. E Image Agency was responsible for introducing on are over 350 unique product in a span of 8 years. Tim integrated his love of the outdoors and adventure into founding GEAR UP, an industry leader in developing, manufacturing, and acquiring cutting-edge outdoor and survival supply gear. With a heavy emphasis on branding American Made products, the company strives to bring the best possible gear to market from manufactures while creating American jobs.

Tim’s diverse background and professional skill set has afforded many opportunities. Tim has acted as a host and presenter for a variety of products on the QVC Home Shopping Network as well as an inspirational speaker in films such as “The Compass”. Most recently, Tim’s footprint in the survival gear industry lent to his appeal during National Geographic Channels filming for their landmark “Doomsday Preppers” TV Series. Due to Tim’s positive reception across wide demographics as an inventor/entrepreneur who is also a family man and thrill seeker, NatGeo asked Tim to act as international spokesman for the series, which is now the #1 series on the network. Tim was on the cover of American Survival Guide and been featured in over 50 different magazines and over 25,000 blogs and websites.

Eric Zuley

Entrepreneur, Marketing and Media Strategist, T.V. Show Host, Influencer, Keynote Speaker, and Philanthropist

Eric Zuley is a successful entrepreneur, award-winning marketing and media strategist, T.V. host and personality, keynote speaker, and philanthropist. He is the CEO of “EZ Way” Media, which is a marketing and media firm that specializes in delivering world-class content via multiple digital platforms. Through his established relationship equity and cutting-edge marketing & media strategies, clients are able to gain access and exposure to business and entertainment relationships that generate revenue. The “EZ Way” subsidiary brands include EZWay Broadcasting, EZWay Promotions, EZ Way T.V. , EZWay Magazine, and EZWay Mobile.

According to Weekly Billboard Magazine, Eric is ranked as one of the top ten professionals for social media influence worldwide. He has a distinctly large reach on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, as well as a Twitter following of 182,000. In 2005, Eric founded “What U Need TV“, an entertainment blog and YouTube channel with over 13,000,000 viewers . He then created WTV Networks, which became EZWay Broadcasting in 2012, a radio and TV Broadcast network and subsidiary company of EZWay Media. EZ Way Broadcasting currently airs 2 weekly podcast radio shows. In just six short months, this station has become one of the top 1000 stations on Blog Talk Radio, one of the largest podcast radio networks in the world. EZWay’s distribution consists of FilmOn.TV, Voice America Radio/TV, Fan TV Global Networks, Wim Magazine, Manilla Up Magazine, Wazkal, Amazon Fire TV, Actors Reporter and much more. Eric has also created “The EZ Show“, a widely acclaimed T.V. Series on IMDB (internet movie database) that allows celebrity and business guests to “interact with their fans“. He currently hosts EZ TALK LIVE a weekly Sat. 1 pm pst radio/Facebook live talk show with over 10,000 current subscribers.


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